Google Handwriting for Mobile Devices

Google has released a new fancy and simply awesome function to its Google search homepage! The new functionality allows users with mobile devices to search by ‘writing’ on their screen. This is then translated and used as a search term with suggestions. A simple settings adjustment is needed to activate the feature and is available on devices with a least Android 2.3 and iOS 5 or later.

To activate the feature, just go to the homepage and click the cog in the top right hand corner as per below:

Google Settings

Once in the settings page, scroll down to ‘Handwrite’ and click Enable.

Enable Handwrite

Once enabled, you should now see a new bar at the bottom of the page.

New Handwrite Bar

Now start writing like you were a kid at school and watch the magic happen!

I tend to think that this is a piece of functionality to test their handwriting recognition software and we will likely be used more mainstream in future products Google will introduce. But lets wait and see!


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