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Why oh why is South Africa sooo far behind the rest of the world! Admittedly this is brand new and only Kansas, but we can’t even get decent internet without paying an arm and a leg.

Through all my research and investigations into the internet costs in South Africa, nothing is clear as to why all these new undersea cables (DarkFibe, WACS et.) haven’t caused the internet to be cheaper and faster in our country. When will the benefits of this start to reveal itself, so that South African’s can start to really realise how the developed world  interact and enjoy the multitude of possibilities of REAL broadband.


Google (s goog) launched its fiber to the home network today and the biggest surprise is probably that the gigabit speeds are aimed at consumers only. The search giant’s fiber network, which will cost $70 for Internet only and $120 for fiber plus TV, is a killer wrapper for Google’s cloud, consumer and tablet products, some of which will be included in the fiber and TV package.

The pricing details

There will be three packages available to Kansas City residents, all of which will require a $300 connection fee to help cover the cost of connecting the home to the fiber infrastructure:

Google Fiber+TV: This package includes symmetrical gigabit (the same broadband speeds on the upload and download side) speedsas well as the newly launched Google TV product, which includes local channels, integration with YouTube and Netflix as well as what Google calls “fiber channels.” It doesn’t sound like…

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