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Fantastic iPhone 5!

Finally got it!

I can now say that I am the proud owner of the new iPhone 5. This happens to be my first ever iPhone. (I can’t believe it either!)

I’ve  been a big fan on Android and as such have been using an HTC Desire which I though was super awesome, only to realise half way into my 2 year contract that it had far too little memory. 512mb! I know what you thinking, how can that be! But, yes, somehow HTC thought that would be enough! I continuously ran out of memory to the point where I had to delete apps, important apps such as Instagram and couldn’t use Facebook cos it used too much memory! Very annoying!

When the iPhone 5 was announced I decided that I should give the California outfit a try. As it is in South Africa, where we get new tech way after it is released in the US, I had to wait and read reviews and ogle over pictures of the iphone 5 on the internet until we finally got the nod for it here on 14 Dec 2012….just in time for Christmas!!

So here it is , still neatly in its box.

iPhone 5

I couldn’t  be happier with it! Love it! Ogle over it everyday! Can use Facebook. Can get my mails. Can use feedly. Can use Flipboard. Can have Instagram installed on it and all my other apps installed at the same time….Imagine that!

The acclaimed retina screen in amazing. Colours fantastic, super clear and easy on the eyes! Other lower res cellphone screens just look terrible now! It is super light and super thin. The construction materials  have a high quality feel with an aluminium cover at the back. The device is devoid of any plastic. Feels far more solid than the Samsung Galaxy III, the current top selling android device.

Feature wise, I wish Apple would allow more customization on the iPhone to match the Android devices. But perhaps that is just me. Someone who likes to changes things an tinker a bit.

Many of the customizations that Android devices have are useless, but some are really nice and useful. However, its the GUI design on most android devices that put them behind iOS. The menu systems on Androids have always annoyed me. The hidden menus that seem to be lurking under the 3 buttons required on all Android devices are annoying. This is my biggest gripe with Android.

Anyway, I’m happy to have gotten the new iPhone 5 even with its lack of customization. The endless supply of apps and content in iTunes keeps a lot of non technical people clinging to their Apple device, as it is just plain easier than downloading things on the internet.

Let me know how you feel about your iPhone 5 or how you prefer the Android system.

Till Later